Baby Video Journal

Little moments for your little ones

Create a Baby video journal with Stych

Your baby means the world to you and that’s why you would want to capture their every moment. You can click thousands of photos but you will never be able to hear your toddler’s voice or relive the moment in the best possible manner. But with a baby video journal, you can capture everything: from the blinking of eyes to the first footstep.  Create a Life file for your newborn, tap record and stop as the moments come up and then share the file with them when you decide to give them a phone, all those moments instantly presented in a chronological file from birth to this moment. That’s cool Baby videos are the best ways to preserve your little one’s memory and that’s why Stych is an ideal option for every parent. Capture every moment of your baby and create a chronological video that will allow them to go back in tim and watch everything as an evolving life story that they then take and make it their own

Why use Stych?

Well, wouldn’t you want to have something that allows you to capture every step of your baby? That is what Stych is for. You can create a baby video journal documenting every first moment of your baby. Parents no longer have to click countless photos and videos of their babies because they can compile everything in just one navigable video that has hundreds of moments of their little ones in one Life File. Whether you want to show every moment of your kid with their grandma or want to showcase the cuteness of your baby online, you can do it using just a single platform. 

Why use Stych?

The first reason is the time. As a parent, you barely get any time for yourself which makes it nearly impossible to edit your child’s cute videos. But with Stych, you can do it passively, whenever a moment comes up you just tap record and stop, its preserved and then later you can delete clips that didn’t quite make the cut. It is extremely easy to use and that’s why it is excellent for every parent who wants to preserve their child’s special moment. 

Another reason for using Stych is its easy-to-use interface. From the icons to various features, everything is seamless which gives you a hassle-free baby video editing experience. This app comes with multiple features that make it even more exciting to use. There is no limit to the creativity you can achieve when you are using Stych.

Give Stych a Try, your Child will Thank You Later for it.

All you have to do is visit Stych in the Play Store  and you will have the power to capture every special moment of your child. In just a couple of minutes, you will have Stych on your phone and ready to use allowing you to create a cute and memorable video of your little one.