Chronological Video diary

Create a memorable Chronological Video diary

There is nothing better than experiencing moments that make us happy. So how about capturing them so that they can live with us forever? With Stych, you can create memorable chronological video diaries that will last forever.  

Just tap record and stop as moments come up and we deliver a highly navigable streaming file back to your device of all these moments as a single file.

It is perfect for those who are planning a long vacation and want to make their entire journey last forever. You can capture every moment of your journey, create excellent chronological video diaries and cherish those moments forever. With a seamless interface and amazing features, Stych is at the forefront of an entirely new industry of people who believe in a single file future.

Who can use Stych?

The answer is simple: people who want to make their memories last forever can use Stych. This app gives you the power to document your life in the most unique ways, one off encounters that only you will remember or events shared with your closets friends and family. Just tap record and stop and it will be preserved. Whether you are a vlogger who wants to share their vacation videos with the public or you are someone who just wants to steal the moment forever, you can use the Stych app. This app will allow you to showcase every happy moment that you want to share with people. If you are looking for good online engagement, you must show something amazing to the public and nothing can be better than a visually appealing chronological video diary that shows your happy smiling face from your birth to today.

Benefits of using stych

There are many benefits, but the most apparent is that it will change your life since you can reflect on it in the most efficient ways.

Tha App is Super Easy to use

Stych has a very easy-to-use interface that allows you to create videos without any hassle. In just some clicks, you can create stunning chronological videos that will make you emotional. You can portray your entire journey in just one video and all this is possible if you use Stych.

Amazing features

There are multiple features that will help you bring your vision to life. You can create the video that is on your mind. The features are easy to use yet sophisticated. From deleting clips from the Life File to saving the video, everything can be done seamlessly with Stych. This app gives you the power to create multiple Life Files depending on what your into.

Do not wait any longer to start your own Life File!

Do not wait to visit the Play Store and download this app. Stych will never disappoint you if you want to enable your creative force to build something magnificent and reflect the real you.