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Remember writing a diary at the end of your day? Well, no one does. This is because the days are gone when we used to Pen down every single detail of our day on a piece of paper. You will loose that piece of paper, your phone is the best place to document your life. Go digital and create amazing memories that will last forever and for that we do digital daily journaling with the Sych app. Video diaries are simply amazing because they allow us to capture every special moment of our lives. With video diary apps you will gain full access to every creative force that will allow you to create visually stunning videos that raise eyebrows.

Stych is a bit different though, you just tap record and stop as the moments come up and all these videos come back to your device as a streaming movie file of your life.

Create everyday video diaries with us

Every moment matters and if you want to capture it and preserve it for the rest of your life, the best way to do it is by creating everyday video Diaries. You simply cannot take pictures of everything you do in your life and that's why creating a video diary memory is an ideal option. By using just a button, you can record a long video that will have every special moments of your life in a single file

Personal video diary

Stych brings a lot of things to the table and here are some of them Easy to use interface: This video diary journal app has a very easy-to-use interface that allows you to edit everyday videos like a pro. You do not have to deal with the confusion of sophisticated editing tools because we have got your back with a seamless video editing interface. Countless features: There is nothing better than having multiple features on a single video editing app because it makes it extremely easy to edit the videos. You will be able to access multiple features that will help you create a memorable video journal that will stay with you for the rest of your life

Why choose Stych?

Stych is an easy to use video diary journal app that allows you to create amazing videos on the  go. Whether you are on a vacation or having your friends over to your place, you can create video diaries of almost everything and can relive the happy moments of your life. So do not wait any longer and visit the Google Play Store to download the Stych pp and start creating special video diary moments.